Inception: Strong Distance is Born

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Strong Distance was thought up in my sleep last night, as a place to jot down some of the trials, inconveniences, and troubles that go hand-in-hand with the joys, excitement, and bliss that help to describe a long-distance relationship.

I, myself, am the uglier and less-sensible half of a long-distance relationship, one that spans two continents. I live in New York, she lives and studies in Warsaw, Poland, and there are usually six time zones separating us (worse if she’s at her home, in Kiev, Ukraine {7 hours!}).

As a frequent traveler who is proud to be able to count at least a half-dozen couples going through the same beautiful ordeal as I am, I figured that perhaps this site could help us document what works and what won’t in a long-distance. I wanted to gain support to push forward, like in comments from anonymous, accidental readers; and maybe others could likewise stumble accidentally across this site and its comments in the future and gain some fortitude to push through a tough time in their own long-distance situation.


Anyway, check out the “About” page, follow us on the social media, or just contact me and root me on once in a while 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!



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