The Kyiv List


List FeaturedSo, I just got back from meeting Mariia in Kyiv, Ukraine, her home city. While there, I tried many wonderful foods, and so as I approach my next trip to see her where she lives in Warsaw, Poland, she asked me if I wanted anything from Kyiv (her best friend and roommate in Warsaw is Lida, also Ukrainian, and currently visiting Kyiv to see family; we’ll use her to be our mule for any treats we desire 🙂

Mari asked me to tell her what I wanted, so I started making a list. Really, it was but two or three items, but then Mari apparently began thinking that I had a knack for writing lists, so she told me to add all her things on there, as well:

  • Horse sausage
  • Shoes for my love, find them somewhere, not new ones! (in the apartment, my bubu is forgetful and left them somewhere, and “you can never have too many shoes!”)
  • Mama’s famous cookies
  • Roshen chocolates x 3 (Mari asked, not Christian!) 1 x dark, 1 x milk, 2x aerated (so that is really 4, but my love of my life does not have the strongest mathematics skills)
  • Those delicious Roshen stick treats with the gooey vanilla filling in the middle, it is long like a big fat pencil but much more delicious than a pencil
  • Hair conditioner
  • Cleansing gel for my bubu’s face
  • Green tea with fancy taste
  • Honey for my honey
  • Sunflower seeds, salted please

At first, most of these things she asked me to add seemed like items which could be found anywhere, but then I began to understand: we crave those specific brands that remind us of home, especially when living far away from it. Oh, and “Mama’s famous cookies” are cookies that I’ve heard quite a bit about, but haven’t yet tried; Mari’s mom’s cookies are internationally known, and I’m finally gonna try some!


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